UX2 Group #1

Post your UX2 assignment here.  This is your observations of Americans and connecting to Americans.

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  1. I think Stefania is right when she underlines the way Americans have fun, no matter what age you are, you can still dancing in a crazyway during a concert as party animals. I love it! But I think you would hardly ever see it in Italy..

  2. Want to know what I think about Americans and America… my biggest questions and concerns?
    Here are some I noticed during these two weeks in Philly.
    First of all, american are so NICE!
    They are very helpful. Everywhere I went they offered to help me.
    In the restaurants the servers are usually very friendly and always will tell you his or her name.
    When Americans talk to me they look in the eyes.
    The Americans always smile! Most people who are just passing by will smile at you or say hello. I think it is because smiling is simply a goodwill gesture and does not mean anything beyond that. This is a nice fomality.
    When I bump into someone or vice versa, I will prontly hear an “excuse me”.
    When we use Uber the drivers are gentle and friendly.
    But, how slow they drive?
    They are gas-guzzlers!
    Americans are very punctual. Most people arrive exactly on time or few minutes early for an appointment.
    When me and my friends go out to have some fun in disco pub, Americans are very funny.
    They are great dancers on the dancefloor. They usually speak to us and have a nice time with the Italian guys.
    The dress-sense is very different from typical Italian fashion style. Most people wear casual dress. No one really cares what others are wearing. But I noticed a strange thing: they dress “half-naked”, their clothes are more light than ours. Me and my friend wear heavy coats and big sweaters but the Americans go around the city with shirts and short pants.
    US people don’t push or stand too close to anyone in line. They always wait their turn.
    The American dinner time is too strange for me. They eat at about 6:30 p.m.
    About food… there is garlic everywhere!
    Pasta is overcooked. Rice is overcooked. Seriously do they not know how to cook anything “al dente”?
    Where I can get regular extra virgin olive oil?
    The American roads are so big, the cars are so big.
    So, these two weeks were exhausting, fun and entertaining. I learned a lot about American culture that I likely didn’t fully grasp before.. about the distances, the way they speak and dress etc.
    I’m going to love USA!

  3. I totally agree with Federico when he says that Americans are much more casual than Italians in many different kind of situations, both in their style and way to express themselves but also in making feel people comfortable even in more formal contexts.

  4. Yes, I understand the point of view of Claudia, also I noticed that in US is normal to live away from the family or go in another place to work, instead in Italy we are more connected with the place where we live and the family, I think also that in Italy we mainly left our city because we are forced by the lack of job. 

  5. I really loved the part where you speak about American and European dream; I think also that some American people have our same way to approach the situation and this helps us during the interaction. 

  6. I’m agree with Veronica, Americans are punctual and don’t tolerate delays and then I noticed the same thing: the American teachers are less formal: for example last Friday our teacher invited us to a concert and before the show, we met with him. In Italy it’s almost impossible

  7. I really liked your post, above all when you speak about to say goodbye and hello. It’s the same impression I had in my house! It’s funny how, with the same Italian background, we notice the same thing! 🙂 

  8. Giulia! yes, it’s true! The ability to listen is very important and unfortunately there is a lack of this, very often people talk too much. Your “division” between old and new generation is very interesting, I didn’t think about it and it seems very suitable and realistic. Very good analysis! See you tomorrow to eat a great pasta in bianco, ciao!

  9. I agree with Eleonora, the Americans are very kind but they also are reserved, I saw the same thing with my roommates, sometimes they love to talk or go out with me but for the most part of the time they prefer to stay alone and watch tv. In my opinion, and as Eleonora wrote, the Italians people are different, they prefer to stay all togheter and chat!