Movie Blog Assignment

     The first thing I noted while viewing The Legend of Bagger Vance was throughout the golf tournament Vance did not giving any advice to Junah.  He waited and allows for Junah to see that he was what was standing in the way of his success.  Vance allowed for Junah to see that he needed to change his view of himself in order to change.  Once Junah was able to believe in and listen to himself, Vance was able to help him.  I noted that at no point did Vance give Junah actual instructions.  Two of the instructions he gave were: “There is a perfect shoot out there and we need to get out of its way and let it choose us” and “We must play our own game.“   Neither of these instructions actually state how he could get out of his was or how he could play his own game.  I also noticed that Vance helps Junah use all of his senses.  He spoke to him about listening and feeling, wanting harmony in his life, in the game of life.  You can see Vance wants to help Junah get out of his head, and see beyond his issues he brought home with him from the war and concentrate completely on the game.  

     As a coach Vance shows Junah that he can do this work on his own if he believes in himself, play the game he was meant to play. He spoke about returning to the “gift” of being a good golfer.  Helping him realize it was within his reach if he chose to reach for it.  At the end of the golf game, at the last hole, you see everyone falls away and he only see the path of the ball to the hole.  A coach helps you see or visualize what you are capable of.  Vance states, “I am right here with you.” letting Junah know he was not alone.    

     The movie Twelve Angry Men was a much different movie. It showed how one person, juror number eight, Mr. Davis, who I viewed as a consultant, can change the mind of others, influence and leading them as they go.  He allowed them to influence each other, using facts, logic and reasoning to dismantle each piece of evidence.  They separated facts from fiction.  An example would be the uncommon knife​ and the angle in which the stabbing occurred.  He was able to introduce another blade with common features and used two men the same heights as the father and son to show the angle of the stabbing was wrong.  He was able to place doubt in their minds.  Especially for the two men representing the father and son.  

​     I noted Mr. Davis​ had many of the common traits of a trusted advisor listed in The Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister, Charles H. Green and Robert M. Galford, such as being consistent, helping see things from a fresh perspective, he didn’t try to force ideas on anyone and helped them think and separate out the logic from the emotional.  ​Also in that same book, they discuss getting the client involved in the process by giving them tasks to perform.  Mr. Davis did this a few times by engaging different members of the group.

     He was not trying to prove innocence or guilt just that the facts could be viewed differently, there could be doubt.  I saw it as group therapy, or like a consultant brought in to work through a department’s issues, working with the dynamics of the group. There were many personalities within the group.  A consultant would work with the Emotion IQ of each member, from prejudice to empathetic. Mr. Davis allowed, within the group, heated exchanges to move through each questionable piece of evidence.  

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