New book provides an accessible and engaging guide to managing research data

Facet Publishing have announced the release of Andrew Cox and Eddy Verbaan’s Exploring Research Data Management.

Research Data Management (RDM) has become a professional topic of great importance internationally. This has been driven by a number of factors including the ‘deluge of data’ arising from new types of science, a crisis in confidence in research integrity in certain fields and the mandating of data management by funders and publishers. Exploring Research Data Management provides an accessible introduction and guide to RDM with engaging tasks and case studies for the reader to follow and develop their knowledge.

Authors Andrew Cox and Eddy Verbaan said,

“This book is a distillation of knowledge gained from talking to people working on RDM over the last five years. Our aim was to capture something of their values, skills and ways of thinking and talking. As such it will help the reader to understand how they can fit into and contribute to this growing area of practice.”

The book starts by exploring the social world of research and the importance and complexity of data in the research process. It then considers how a multi-professional support service can be created and examines the decisions that need to be made in designing different types of research data service from local policy creation, training, through to creating a data repository. Key topics covered include making the case for Research Data Services, practical data management, data literacy and training researchers, and ethics and research data services.

This book will be useful reading for librarians and other support professionals who are interested in learning more about RDM and developing Research Data Services in their own institution. It will also be of value to students on librarianship, archives, and information management courses studying topics such as RDM, digital curation, data literacies and open science.

Andrew Cox is a senior lecturer at the Information School, University of Sheffield and led the RDMRose Project. His research interests include virtual community, social media and library responses to technology. He coordinates Sheffield’s MSc in Digital Library Management.

Eddy Verbaan is Head of Library Research Support at Sheffield Hallam University. He established a  Research Data Management infrastructure at Sheffield Hallam University and worked as a Research Associate at the Information School, The University of Sheffield, on RDM-related projects. He has a PhD in history and an MSc in Digital Library Management.