Publish a Technical Article to Teach Others and Support Charities

The Community site on DigitalOcean has nearly 2,000 technical tutorials on software development and Linux. The team is looking for more writers to contribute to this corpus. This opportunity enables those in the digital humanities field and researchers at large to not only share knowledge with other scholars, but with a broader, interdisciplinary developer community.

By writing an article for the Community, you’ll be helping others learn more about open-source software, programming, SysAdmin, and DevOps. These articles are highly technical and are written in a clear and pedagogical tone. The reader should leave a tutorial with a completed project or well-defined next steps.

If you successfully contribute an article to DigitalOcean Community, you should expect:

  • Peer review from a technical expert in industry
  • Editorial partnership to polish your writing
  • Publication on a website that has millions of views a month
  • $300 USD payout for yourself plus a matching donation to a tech-focused charity of your choice
  • Article promotion across social channels

These tutorials are open access and Creative Commons licensed; anyone can freely read them and learn from them. You can repost your tutorial on a personal not-for-profit blog, and can translate your tutorial (or any tutorial on the site) into additional languages (or a translator may be hired to do that).

Examples of previous digital humanities articles include:

Some topics that are of interest to the Community include:

  • Python projects
  • JavaScript projects
  • Web development projects
  • Data analysis and data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Server automation

You can submit a proposal to the Write for DOnations program here (please have a writing sample on hand):

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can email the editorial team here: