Scholar Spotlight: Catalina Alzate

  • Why did you apply to HASTAC?     

I applied because I’m interested in understanding how a community grows and develops online, and what are the mechanisms that allow for encounter. Apart from exploring areas of shared interest in HASTAC, I find the community aspect to be essential for different forms of scholarship and activism.


  • What has been your favorite course so far as an instructor or student? Why?

My most memorable role as an instructor/facilitator was for a capstone project that involved participatory technology design with rural communities in the areas of gender, pedagogy and access to ICTs. The process of negotiating design decisions with students, communities, and civil society organizations taught me a lot about my practice and the role of design in shaping agendas for social justice.


  • What do you want to do after you graduate?

I see myself in roles that involve teaching, researching, organizing communities, working for an organization or independently. I am not attached to any particular option, and enjoy challenges in all these contexts alike.


  • What’s something that people would be surprised to know about you?

That I often rehearse my presentations while dancing and taking a shower!


  • What do you hope to accomplish with your research or teaching?

I strive to accomplish an ongoing sense of self-fulfillment. I know, it sounds very selfish, but finding motivations and challenges is what keeps me creative and engaged in social issues.


  • What are you currently reading, watching, or listening to?

I just started watching season 2 of the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel !