New Issue: JITP No. 22! General Issue: Looking Again

Issue Twenty-Two: General Issue: Looking Again 

Issue Editors:

Courtney Dalton, Cornell University

Benjamin Miller, University of Pittsburgh

Michael Rifino, The Graduate Center, CUNY

We are thrilled to announce Issue 22, our latest published issue on CUNY’s instance of Manifold! Read peer-reviewed and open-access articles that feature new conversations and deepen existing ones found in our archive, including topics on open-educational resources, surveillance, and extended reality.

Issue 22 and our archives are available on Manifold, a free, open-access publication platform. You can also read more about it as a scholarly publishing platform. With all issues, you can collect articles to share and annotate with your students and colleagues. Please consider creating a reading account and learning more about reading on Manifold. We hope you will join us!

We are still accepting submissions for our Themed Issue: The Liberatory Legacy of bell hooks: Pedagogies and Praxes that Heal and Disrupt. Due date: May 31st, 2023!

Read Issue 22 today: